Client: SFD Inspired Retail Environments

Teamed together with Jamie Davies, we created a brand film for the SFD’s biggest event of 2014 – the Euroshop Exhibition held in Dusseldorf, Germany. The event was aimed to launch SFD on the global stage, and had people attending from over 50 countries.

The film was played on the centerpiece of the SFD’s stand – a set of 3 portrait television monitors. The challenge for this piece was to edit the video in a way that would retain the seamless flow of the filmed footage, with actors moving naturally across all of the 3 screens.

To achieve this we recreated the event’s setup in a virtual 3D scene and set up a camera that would allow us to estimate the viewer’s eye perception at the event. We then used the data in our 2D editing software to create the composition that would allow him to achieve the described effect. With the help of the director we went through hours of the raw 4K RED-camera footage, picking the absolute best shots. Finally Stanislav edited them to create the final visuals presented at SFD Euroshop 2014 Exhibition.

The event has been a great success for the company, receiving highly positive feedback, and resulting in a spin-off event to take place in Las Vegas, where the brand film was also used.