Client: David Lawrie

We were approached by David to create a unique animated sequence for his new music video. Studying the lyrics and discussing the themes and ideas of the song with David directly, helped us to develop our visual interpretation. It manifested itself as a miniature origami set that kept evolving throughout the duration of the song. The climax of the song was underlined by a wave of light particles that came crashing down and destroying the paper world, just so it could start rebuilding again. We created the entire animation content for this video, for which we modelled, lit, textured and animated the origami sets. We also created all of the particle effects.

The video received positive comments and reviews in the online press releases:

Storm Petrel” maintains the simple performance element of his previous video, “Feline”, whilst enveloping it in a wild 3D world where origami skyscrapers grow like trees, sound looks like neon and catastrophic tidal waves are made from particles of light. (c) Thomas Mathie

Amidst collapsing model buildings and mesmerizing smoke VFX, the York experimental songwriter stands naked and fixated at the camera for a full on filmed piece that manages to retain intimacy despite a high production quality. (c)DW